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Support for ongoing projects has continued unabated in 2020 and now into 2021, further establishing the influence that Trade Aid UK has been able to give to important relief programmes worldwide. Much of this has been enabled by the continued sale of Trade Aid UK Granulated and Caster Sugar through Tesco Stores and online at Ocado. The use of external aid agencies and charities has been instrumental in us being able to reach the remotest parts of the globe where often the needs are greatest. The individual aid projects supported by the Trade Aid UK Foundation can be viewed by simply scrolling up and down the project panel on this page and clicking on the project that interests you.

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Earthquake Disaster Relief

In 2014, Trade Aid UK continues to support the international charity, Medair, to improve living conditions for the disaster victims in Haiti, four years after the destructive hurricane hit the island.  The latest heart warming report from Medair shows the important work they are still doing. Hurricane Sandy alone destroyed over 600 homes and the lives of thousands of families.

In 2010, we were able to respond rapidly to two appeals to help the Haiti earthquake victims.  We supported the charity Medair, whose Emergency Response Team worked to meet the most urgent needs of medical care, clean water, sanitation, and shelter. 

At the same time, a local West Sussex church approached us for emergency funding in helping a sponsored children's Refuge in Port-au-Prince which had been destroyed in the earthquake needing immediate assistance to provide medical aid to the surviving children and staff and to assess the structural integrity of remaining buildings. This we were able to do.

There continues to be urgent need for safe, clean drinking water, medical assistance, and shelter for the most vulnerable. Even before the earthquake, Haiti had the lowest Human Development Index (HDI) ranking in the western hemisphere. This was already a very poor country in great need — now with the infrastructure of the country destroyed, people’s survival is dependent on emergency aid. Trade Aid UK and are pleased to support both these charities. 

Medair brings emergency relief and rehabilitation to over two million people a year in some of the most vulnerable countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, all countries that are severely affected by conflicts, natural disasters, or other crises. Medair responds to natural disasters, conflicts that uproot communities and crises, such as drought or disease. You can find out more about Medair and the work they are doing by logging onto their website at


Haiti earthquake victims begin to rebuild their lives
Haiti earthquake victims begin to rebuild their lives
Haiti earthquake victims begin to rebuild their lives
Haiti earthquake victims begin to rebuild their lives
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